The Best Electric Shaver in The World

Any man who knows about self-grooming can tell you just how important shaving is. For most men, shaving is a lot like brushing their teeth or washing their face. Even men with overflowing beards need to shave a bit now and then. It helps keep their beard well-defined and neat. Electric shavers have made shaving convenient. There are tons of electric shavers out in the market.

There’s not a lot that a man wants from a great shave other than a comfortable and smooth experience. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of electric shavers that are capable of fulfilling these needs. Some are efficient but uncomfortable to use. Others aren’t able to offer a consistent and even shave.

Having a reliable electric ​razor on hand is important. It’s the same as a carpenter having a dependable chisel in their toolset. The quality of your electric ​razor will determine the quality of your shaving experience. It will also give you better control over how you want your facial hair to look.

The electric ​razor that we’re going to talk about is the Braun Series 9 9290cc. Before we start taking a look at it, let’s quickly answer one question.

What Makes Electric Shaver’s Better Than ​Manual Razor Blades?

The simplest way to answer this is that electric shavers are convenient. They take care of all the technical aspects of shaving, such as angling the blades and making sure that you don’t accidentally cut yourself. Electric shavers have a minimal chance of actually cutting your skin. Their oscillating blades also ensure that you manage to cut every hair in a single sweep. By taking care of such technicalities, the best electric shaver le​ts you save time.

Electric razors are also environmentally friendly since they can be used more than once. Traditional razor blades need to be thrown away and replaced quite often.

You might think that no electric shaver can simply be “the best”. Everyone has their own shaving needs, and therefore no single shaver can beat the rest. While this is true to some extent, we believe that what makes a shaver the best is its ability to do what it was built to do. At the very core of it all, an electric shaver’s primary purpose is to provide a quick, effective, and comfortable shave. Many electric ​razors fall short of living up to this holy trinity of shaving.

The Braun Series 9 9290cc is an exception. This premium electric shaver promises the best shave that a guy can ever have. And this shaver manages to live up to this tall promise. The shaver has been designed with immense attention to detail and care. Every part of the device is made to help the shaver achieve its goal. From its rubberized grips to the electric motor that powers the blades, this shaver is a joy to use. Let’s break down the Series 9 9290cc and take a closer look at the shaver.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

the best electric shaver in the world

The body of this electric shaver is compact and has a sleek finish. It’s an incredibly stylish device that will look great in your bathroom or your travel pouch. The body is mostly made of metal to ensure robustness. Despite being mostly metal, the 9290cc weighs only 2.08 pounds. It feels comfortable in hand, and its weight won’t get in your way while you shave.

The Blades

The most important part of an electric shaver. The 9290cc’s head consists of titanium coated foil shaver head blades that ensure a smooth cut every time. Their sharpness and durability make the shaver suitable for tackling stubble as well as bushy beards. The blades are also angled very well. The shaver’s blade head consists of a total of 4 different technologies. All of these work together to ensure that even the tiniest hairs get cut in a single stroke. The shaver has an eye dropping rate of 40,000 cuts per minute! It’s a downright facial hair destroying beast.

The Body

There are many features on the device’s body that aim to maximize convenience while you use it. The grip of an electric ​razor matters. It determines how much control you have over the device as it shaves your hair. The 9290cc has a rubberized grip with texturing to ensure a firm grip. It feels great in the hand and makes sure that the shaver doesn’t slip even if your fingers are wet.

The body also has an elegant LED display that shows you how much battery ​life the device has. This eliminates the need for you to constantly guess for how long you can use the shaver before it dies on you.

A great thing about the 9290cc is that its entire body is waterproof. You can take this shaver into the shower with you or handle it with wet hands. This also makes cleaning the device easier. You can simply rinse its head to get rid of any pesky hairs.

Charging Station

The stylish charging station of the 9290cc serves two purposes; it acts as a charging dock and as a cleaning station as well. The shaver charges to its full capacity in an hour and can be used non-stop for 50 minutes.

The shaver’s head consists of many moving parts. This makes it quite tricky to clean by hand. This is why Braun has included a cleaning station that lets you clean out the shaver without having to deal with its intricacies.

Pros And Cons of The Series 9 9290cc


  • ​The shaver has a 100% waterproof body. Braun guarantees that this device can remain waterproof for up to 5 meters of water.
  • ​Has a state of the art shaving head that makes use of multiple technologies. The shaving head has multiple adaptable parts that allow it to contour to your face. It also makes use of sonic vibrations to capture every hair that comes in its way.
  • ​The shaver has a powerful motor that can run for 50 minutes on a single charge. The motor’s operation is very silent as well.
  • ​Its body is robust, ergonomic, and compact. Braun states that this shaver is built to last for up to 7 years. The body is also lightweight and easy to hold onto.
  • ​The device shaves just as well on wet and dry surfaces.


  • ​Despite having a sleek body, the 9290cc’s ​head is a bit bulky.
  • ​The complicated design of ​its head makes it hard to clean if you don’t have access to the cleaning station.
  • ​The shaver cannot be used while it is being charged. This means that if your shaver dies on you mid-shave, you’ll have to wait a while.

What Users Have to Say

Customers are hugely impressed with the 9290cc’s performance. Many customers are impressed with its ability to provide such a close shave. Customers also note that there are zero razor burns and the shaver doesn’t cause any skin irritations. Some people note that switching from a series 7 to a series 9 9290cc doesn’t feel too different. This is because they both are essentially the same device. However, the 9290cc comes with extra features that elevate its shaving experience from great to spectacular. Some customers aren’t pleased with the length of its ​head. They note that it doesn’t cover enough area per sweep.


Overall, the Braun Series 9 9290cc is an electric shaver that lives up to its marketing hype. Which is pretty impressive since its marketing states a lot. The device is made to please its user, and it does so. It makes use of a variety of technologies to ensure a consistently smooth and fast shaving experience. It also looks as good as it works.

The 9290cc comes with a premium price tag. However, it certainly gives you your money’s worth. If you’re someone who wants a hassle-free and effortless ​experience, then this is a great investment. The 9290cc is designed to keep on impressing, shave after shave.

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